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BGW Film Studios HomeBill's BIOGalleryJoin the CommunityPhone me:+1-250-850-9344! We are a new First Nation's Film Company.This was posted on the 6th of November 2015 by BGW FILM STUDIOS Webmaster Do you see yourself being involved in this project! Do you know any indigenous people that have a compelling story to share?** Hello! My name is Bill Williams. I am the owner of BGW Film Studios. We focus on the self-reliance and independence of the indigenous people by creating documentary films that highlight students and professionals. So far, we have interviewed a business owner, who not only carves, he also teaches young people to carve. What do you think? A word from our Producer/Director  Production Co. Owner / Producer / Director / Director of Photography / Cinematographer / Videographer / Video, Sound, and Music Editor / Screen Writer and Distributor at BGW Film Studios. Project we are working on is a documentary on the Indigenous …